Orange Armoire

from by James Nisky



You were completing some righteous quest
On behalf of the vice-royalty
Before you made some midsummer wish
Over a pool in a wood
For some knight to take you away
On an arduous journey
Across deserts, mountains, and canyons
There you'll find men looting caves
Their foreign ways are strange
As well as the potions they spray

Your adventures end so soon
Yet the tales are too fine to forget
Brilliant colored armor of mages flashing forward fast
And the brilliance cast
Upon the prodigy in the past
The darling of this realm
He's too charming to fail

You were unleashing some righteous rogue
As you peered over the walls of your fortress on a hill by the sea
Retreating into passages
A tunnel descends through chambers with robes and devices of various kinds
Costuming in weathered boots
A cloak conceals your eyes as you trespass through the lairs of spies

The relics recovered by the order of the silver spies were kept safe in the fight
You had to organize your friends to prepare for uncertain times

As your travels conclude
Jewels remain that elude you
Resting in regions far and away
The prize illuminates your face
Will you ever find the orange armoire?
Where you lost your regalia
Your searching shall go on and on


from Dizzy Arrows EP, released September 7, 2016


all rights reserved



James Nisky California

James Nisky quietly curates a small collection of adventurously inspired songs. With an overt focus on non-cliche, imaginative lyrical content, his words-and-music format is consistently lauded for its sense of poetry and inventive whimsical lyricism.

A veteran of the super-hip indie club scenes of San Francisco and Los Angeles, he spurns constant promotion in favor of unpredictability.
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